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EVENT INFO ADDED for CWSSA to be a Support Division at State Park Speedway on Thursday June 24th for the Flip Merwin Memorial!

Central Wisconsin Super Stock Association


to compete at


The CWSSA has been invited by the staff at State Park Speedway to compete as a support division in the Flip Merwin Memorial on Thursday, June 24th, 2010.  This is a great opportunity for you to be able to race at a new venue and help to support local racing in the central Wisconsin area.  If we can provide a good car count, there may be opportunities to return more frequently in the future.  This event will be conducted under CWSSA 2010 rules (Mid-Am cars and 2009 Dells Super Stocks are eligible to compete).  I will be sending out scheduled event times and payout as soon as I have it confirmed.

Payout for Flip Merwin Memorial 06/24


FEATURE:                                HEAT:                                      QUALIFYING:

1. 165                                      1. 25                                        1. 20

2. 145                                      2. 20                                        2. 10

3. 130                                      3. 15                                        3. 5

4. 120                                      4. 10

5. 110                                      5. 5 AND DOWN

6. 100 AND DOWN

Feature race will be 25 Laps.

Event scheduled Times:


Pit Gate Opens at                           4:00pm

Spectator Gate Opens at              4:30pm

Qualifying Starts at                         6:15pm

Racing Starts at                              7:15pm

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