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CWSSA Regular Jeff Nowak Picks Up Feature Win in Limited Late Model Division at SPS!

The Budweiser/Fabiano Brothers Limited Late Model race provided some of the most excitement for the night. From the front row Todd Handrick and Wayne Mackesy battled side by side for the lead right at the drop of the green flag. The two battled side by side for the first four laps, when Handrick was able to clear for the top spot. A caution one lap later placed the two back on the front row side by side and this time it took Handrick just two laps to retake the lead. Then came Clint Sillars, he worked his way towards the font and began to battle Mackesy for the second spot. As Mackesy and Sillars battled Bo Benish worked his way towards thhe top three. Contact between Benish and Sillars brought out the caution with six laps to go.
Same song, third verse, Mackesy and Handrick battle side by side on the restart and now it’s Jimmy Ganski right there in third. Just two laps later the yellow waves again as Jeff Spatz goes around.
Nowak 052313 - Feature
Again, Mackesy and Handrick bettle side by side and ganski right there in third. This time there’s contact between Handrick and Mackesy that send them spinning and to the back of the field with just a few laps to go.

Ganski takes over the top spot on the restart with Benish right behind him. Going in to turn one there is contact between Ganski and Benish and both cars end up in the outside wall of turn 1. The race is called and Jeff Nowak, who was running in third, made his first trip to River Valley Bank Victory Lane for the 2013 season.

This article was posted to the website on June 5, 2013.
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