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Scott Luck and Brian Weinfurter Grab Feature Wins in Unusual Double Feature at MMS!

The D & D Amusement Games Super Stocks took to the track in their first feature event of the evening. Terry Knupp grabbed the early lead with heavy pressure from Scott Luck. Luck was able to get by Knupp on lap four bringing Erin Schlough with him. With Luck and Schlough running first & second, there was a good battle for third brewing. Randall Wilhorn and Mike Gwidt race each other clean with Gwidt holding the advantage and remaining in the third position. Gwidt started closing the gap between he and Erin Schlough. With Scott Luck out front and no apparent pressure, the race was between Schlough and Gwidt. As the two drivers exited turn two on the final lap, Gwidt and Schlough made contact sending Schlough up the track. At the finish line, it was all Scott Luck, pocketing his first feature win at Marshfield Motor Speedway. Gwidt finished second with Randall Wilhorn, Erin Schlough, and Mark Langreck rounding out the top five.

Claire Decker held the point in feature number two with Marv Flick running a close second. Decker held the lead for five laps, that was when Brian Weinfurter decided it was his turn to lead the race. Two laps later, Erin Schlough moved past Decker for the runner up spot. Working his way to the third position was fast timer Mike Gwidt. Gwidt closed the gap on Weinfurter and was looking inside for the pass on lap-16. Weinfurter was able to slam the door on Gwidt keeping him in his rear view mirror. In the end, it was Brian Weinfurter scoring the win with Gwidt, Randall Wilhorn, Erin Schlough, and Scott Luck your top five pointer getters.

This article was posted to the website on August 8, 2010.
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