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New Winner at MMS – Natalie Decker Takes Home Her First MMS Checkered Flag!

Super Stocks once again took to the track and still with a bounty on Ryan Hinner.  Hinner was not able to qualify due to mechanical problems.  With that, a very fast Kyle Wolosek tripped the clock fastest with a lap time of 20.064.  Having been able to temporarily fix his mechanical problem, Ryan Hinner edged Marv Flick for the heat win.  Once the drivers took to the track for the feature event, it was without point leader Ryan Hinner.  Hinner’s mechanical problems continued, hence, the bounty on Hinner will continue next week! 

Natalie Decker jumped out to the early lead getting by pole sitter, Joe Nowak.  Decker expanded her lead over Nowak with fast timer Kyle Wolosek hot on their heels. As the laps diminished, so did the lead that Decker had built up for herself.  Wolosek closed to the back bumper of Decker once the two drivers took the white flag indicating one lap remaining.  As the two drivers hit the remaining corners, Wolosek gave it one last shot on the inside entering turn 3 and exiting turn 4, but chose to race Decker clean.  Natalie Decker powered her way to her first feature win at Marshfield Motor Speedway!  With Kyle Wolosek earning runner up honors, Joe Nowak captured third, with Bryan Langreck and John Kasbowski rounding out the top five.  With many more super stock drivers slated to race next week, the bounty on Ryan Hinner will continue!

This article was posted to the website on August 22, 2011.
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