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Hinner Holds Off All Challengers to Win Again at MMS!

The bounty continued on Ryan Hinner and with more drivers attending the track tonight in hopes of capturing the extra bounty money, it was certainly going to make for a very exciting feature event. With Hinner taking home top honors in qualifying,  just edging out Brian Back and Kyle Wolosek, and taking home top honors in the Dash 4 Cash, Hinner was on his way to another great night at Marshfield Motor Speedway. In feature action, Natalie Decker, whom of which captured her heat win earlier in the evening, grabbed the early lead away from Paige Decker. Natalie Decker looked very comfortable in her car as she looked like she may have the car to beat as she extended her lead on Paige Decker.

On lap seven, Paige Decker got a bit high exiting turn two and as she brought he car back down the track, she collected a very fast Kyle Wolosek. Wolosek ended up sideways and up into the bank. Both drivers were unable to continue as the race restarted on lap eight. Natalie Decker continued to lead on the restart however, she had a rear window full of Ryan Hinner and Brian Back. As the three drivers exited turn four, Hinner darted to the inside and Back to the outside of Decker. As the drivers entered turn one, Decker’s car made slight contact with the outside quarter panel of Hinner’s #23 car. As Natalie turned slightly to the right to avoid Hinner, she slightly made contact with Brian Back’s car causing Natalie to lose control of her car and bringing out a caution.

Track officials deemed the spin as a racing incident sending the spinning car of Natalie Decker to the rear. Once the race resumed, Ryan Hinner built a 4-car lead on Brian Back and held status quo until lap 15. That was when it was very noticeable that Back was closing on Hinner. As the two drivers entered turn three on the final lap, Brian Back raced himself to the right quarter panel of Hinner. As the drivers powered their cars off turn four, Hinner crossed the finishline first, just edging out a very fast Brian Back, whom of which was racing the familiar #71 Matt Pyburn car. Once Ryan Hinner went to victory lane, it was much the displeasure of a few fans at Marshfield Motor Speedway. Some fans thought that when Natalie Decker spun on lap nine that it was Hinner making contact with Decker causing her to spin. Track officials at the time deemed that Hinner held his line, and thanks to Ed Gerl Productions, the company that video tapes all races at Marshfield Motor Speedway, video evidence shows that the incident was not the fault of Hinner’s, but purely a racing incident! With Brian Back showing his driving ability and coming home second, another driver making his first appearance of the year and putting on one heck of a show for the Marshfield fans and finishing third was that of Mark Langreck. Rounding out the top five was fast heat winner Matt Raykowski and Natalie Decker. Natalie Decker did a great job coming from the back after the caution and racing herself back to a top five position!

This article was posted to the website on August 15, 2011.
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