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Marv Flick Outpaces the Field to Win His First Ever Super Stock Feature at GSS!

Marv Flick capitalized on a front row start to pull away from a field of super stock racers, all driving like this may be their last race. Colin Reffner and Brian Weinfurter started nearly next to each other, fittingly for a points battle that will go down to the last race. Reffner got a hole in traffic to make it forward quickly, while Weinfurter had to race a pack intent on getting their own spots ahead of him. At about mid-point Reffner was in 4th and Weinfurter in 7th, but by lap 20 Weinfurter was behind Reffner and seemingly gaining.

A shuffle in the racing allowed Reffner to quickly pass Dwayne Davis and John Zuch almost in the same lap, while Scott Hamel snuck past Weinfurter, widening the gap between the two front runners in the points. Reffner finished 2nd, Weinfurter 6th behind Hamel. Ahead of Hamel was Davis, along with the steady John Zuch in 3rd. Kyle Andrich posted his 2nd Fast Time of the year.

This article was posted to the website on August 30, 2010.
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