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Gwidt Victorious in Cranberry Cup at GSS!

Michael Gwidt took a 5th place start to a 1st place finish Friday night by patiently waiting for chances and then strongly defending a lead that he drove to on lap 11 of a 25 lap feature. Tomah driver Corey Jankowski showed up with what he called “this super stock I had in the shop sittin’ around” and took fast time! Luckily for the other drivers Corey’s spin of the wheel started him 7th, and traffic never did allow him to easily drive to the front. Brian Weinfurter started pole with Bert Soyka alongside, and Weinfurter’s car seemed to get wider and wider as he beat Soyka into the first couple of turns. Gwidt was behind Weinfurter by lap 8 or 9, and by lap 15 the lead was Gwidt’s.

Colin Reffner made his way past Weinfurter, and it looked at first like Reffner was going to win his 3rd Feature of his last 5. Reffner took his car to the outside but could never really make it even to Gwidt’s door. Gwidt celebrated his first Feature win in his new car, ahead of Reffner, Brian Weinfurter, Bert Soyka, and Matt Raykowski in his best finish of the year. Gwidt also picked up the Cranberry Cup trophy for accumulating the most points in the night’s racing.

This article was posted to the website on July 24, 2009.
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