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Greg Back Wins in Last Lap Shootout!

Super Stock racer Greg Back may have missed week 1, but the old speed is still there. Colin Reffner celebrated fast time with his new-look racer, and a lucky draw that put him 6th on the starting grid. Back qualified 2nd and began the race just inside Reffner. This was a bad thing for Colin, because the outside lane threw out an anchor, and the inside lane cars picked up spot after spot. By the time lap 5 had clicked by, the two drivers from the front two outside rows had been passed by 10+ cars. Dean Burby’s backwards plunge from the front ended him up in 10th, but Michael Gwidt furiously gained back spots to finish 4th. Meanwhile Brian Weinfurter had positioned himself at the point, and even though both Matt Pyburn and Greg Back in similarly painted #71 cars (Pyburn in 71x) took a turn, neither could get past Weinfurter.

Brian led every lap…until the last one, when Back laid back a bit, then drove alongside in turn 3, and out of turn 4 while mashing the gas. The tires stuck, and Back made a last-lap feature-winning pass in all of 20 feet. Weinfurter’s 3 “insurance” laps were to no avail, Back had picked up the win. Colin Reffner waited out the traffic to finsh 3rd, Gwidt 4th and Matt Pyburn made it to 5th.

This article was posted to the website on July 24, 2009.
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