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Brian Weinfurter Holds Off Reffner for Feature Win at GSS!

The feature events began with the Super Stock group led by Duwayne Davis and Kyle Andrich. Andrich gamely tried to hold station in the outside lane, but the inner groove was a bit better today, and John Zuch, Roger Peterson and Brian Weinfurter quickly made their way forward using that lane. Andrich dragged a couple of drivers toward the back, stuck on the outside while others went to the front. Dean Zakrzewski and Scott Hamel had to avoid near 3-wide racing to reset themselves close to the top 10, while fast qualifier Colin Reffner and last week’s feature winner Kyle Davis struggled to clear traffic. By lap 9 Weinfurter led the way, with Zuch a distant 2nd. Reffner seemed the best in the pack, picking off about 1 car per lap.

Weinfurter cruised past lapped cars and maintained his lead while the #87 of Reffner and the #19 of Zakrzewski used every trick to get past others to get to the front 5. By lap 20 Reffner was 3rd, and passed Zuch for 2nd the next lap. Zakrzewski wound up 5th. Weinfurter’s advance to the front past 6 cars was only bested by Reffner’s passing of 7, although Zakrzewski probably passed 7 or 8 to get back up to 5th. Zuch’s 3rd and Duwayne Davis’ 4th place were also well-driven, promising some great Super Stock shows at the Power Playground.

This article was posted to the website on June 1, 2010.
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