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S800 Hoosier Tire For CWSSA in 2013!

With the sudden decision of Goodyear to stop making the 8″ tire that the CWSSA had run for several years, there was some initial questions about the transition to the new Hoosier S800 and the possibility of allowing the use of left over Goodyear tires that some teams have.

After some early season testing of the two tires in a back-to-back comparison, it has been determined that the use of the Goodyear tires would be an unfair advantage for the teams that still had access to them. As a result of this testing, the CWSSA has determined that the Hoosier S800 will be the only tire allowed in competition for the 2013 season. Teams will still be allowed to use the Goodyear tire for practice sessions if they so desire to get use out of them.

Please call Greg Back for more info on the testing or if you have any questions at 715-459-4662. Thank you for your understanding in this matter.


This article was posted to the website on May 9, 2013.
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