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January Off-Season Meetin This Tuesday, Jan. 11th @ Pete’s Sports Bar – 7PM

CWSSA meeting notes 12-14-10

Club president Matt Raykowski called meeting to order at 7:10 pm.

There were 11 members present at November meeting.  Due to computer malfunction not all members received e-mail notice of meeting.  Members present agreed to postpone nominations and election of officers until December meeting.

Marshfield Motor Speedway (MMS) paid CWSSA $5 per car for 2010 point fund.

Golden Sands Speedway (GSS) did not pay CWSSA any money for point fund.  GSS did not sign contract with CWSSA for 2010 season.  GSS schedule for 2011 has been set and the CWSSA cars are listed for 10 race nights in 2011.

12 drivers qualified per CWSSA rules to receive 2010 point fund money.

President discussed the 2011 season schedule with Ron Wimmer of State Park Speedway, (SPS).  SPS would like the CWSSA cars to race every event during the 2011 season.  SPS will have 10 race nights, every other Thursday night except 2 weeks in a row around July 4, 2011.  SPS would like a minimum CWSSA car count of 12 cars, and will pay approx $250.00 to win when 12 or more cars race.  SPS will drop the ASA sportsman class, those drivers could race with CWSSA or with pure stock class.  SPS is willing to maintain a track point fund for CWSSA class, but not contribute to CWSSA club point fund.  SPS will allow CWSSA to use  it’s rules, will post CWSSA rules on the SPS website, and wants to hire the tech inspectors used by the club at other tracks.  SPS asked for a commitment from CWSSA to race at every event in 2011 season.  A show of hands proved overwhelming willingness to have CWSSA at SPS every event.  One member suggested asking SPS to add link to CWSSA website on SPS website.

Next order of business was nomination and election of officers for 2011 season. Newly elected positions are:

Vice President- Greg Back

Secretary-  Mary Bravener

Treasurer-  Chuck Hellner,

Board members- Ryan Hinner (2yr), Marv Flick (2yr), Matt Ciesielski (1yr).

Members further discussed point fund issues.  Do we want or need a point fund? Can we ask tracks to simply pay more instead of contributing to point fund?  If we don’t have a point fund, why pay dues to be a member?  Use dues money for website?

President stated our next meeting will be Tuesday night, January 11, 2011 at 7:00 pm, at Pete’s Sports Bar, Stevens Point.

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