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December Off-season Meeting Notes

CWSSA – Meeting Notes

December 15, 2009


Meeting was called to order at 7:12 pm by Matt Raykowski

Attendance 23

Last meeting was held on 11-03-09, minutes from last meeting were read, motion to accept minutes by Matt Raykowski, second by Matt Pyburn

Matt Raykowski stated the board recommends amending, but not changing, 3 of the CWSSA rules:

1) Amend shock rule by creating list of shocks that were allowable when the $100 per shock rule went into effect

2) Allow Dells Super Stock cars to race with CWSSA if Dells cars follow their 2009 rules

3) Amend our rules to read “All cars racing with CWSSA must use the CWSSA tire”

After discussion of shock amendment proposal, Matt asked for a show of hands to vote, FOR: 15, OPPOSED: 0

After a very lengthy discussion about allowing Dells cars to race with CWSSA, Matt asked for a show of hands to vote on following amendment.

Allow Dells Super Stocks to race in CWSSA events under the Dells 2009 Super Stock rules, with:

-1 year time limit, will review after 2010 race season

-add weight penalty stipulation just like Mid-Am cars

-Verify if the Dells weight rule is 3100 lbs or 3200 lbs

Show of hands FOR: 13, OPPOSED: 0

Brief discussion of amending CWSSA rules to read “All cars racing with CWSSA must use the CWSSA approved tire”

Show of hands FOR: 14, OPPOSED: 0

Matt Raykowski then told the club that the board will allow the # 70 car to use a 60/40 left/right weight split and minimum weight of 3200 lbs. After a brief discussion we moved on to new business.

-Tentative GSS schedule is out, 14 races for CWSSA

-MMS will run CWSSA every week, schedule due out in January

-Members have talked to new promoters of State Park Speedway, Matt asked for show of hands for how many drivers were willing to race at SPS at least once, FOR: 14 OPPOSED: 0

-Members suggested that we ask SPS to have maximum of 2 CWSSA events, preferably during the weeks that GSS does not have CWSSA scheduled to race. These nights would be Thursday nights, 6-24-09 and 8-05-09

-There will be a track meeting at SPS January 13 2010 for anyone who wishes to attend

  Drawing for door prizes,

1 free pit pass at GSS went to Baird Reffner

1 free pit pass at MMS went to Dave Gwidt

Point Beers and sodas went to Brian Weinfurter, Brian Stroik, Jenny Uttecht, and Ann Soyka


Motion to adjourn meeting at 8:48 pm by Brian Weinfurter, seconded by Ken Soyka.


The next meeting will be January 12, 2010 at the Olympia Restaurant / Pete’s Sports Bar in Stevens Point @ 7PM.

– Discussion for January:

-Point fund ideas needed, numerous suggestions. Need more participation from all club members, Winter party and sell 50/50 tickets, raffle tickets for cash prize, cruise, vacation, NASCAR tickets, hunting trip, etc.

– Update on SPS events

-MMS will donate 1 free pit pass and there will be a few other door prizes awarded to those in attendance

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