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CWSSA March Off-Season Meeting Notes

CWSSA regular meeting March 9, 2010
CWSSA President Matt Raykowski called the meeting to order at 7:08 pm.

Marv Flick read minutes from the last meeting, which was January 12, 2010.
Motion to accept minutes as read by Matt Pyburn, seconded by Greg Back.


Communication with race tracks
Golden Sands Speedway:

-GSS has not found a sponsor for the Super Stock division yet.
-GSS has no issues with signing CWSSA contract as long as they can find a sponsor.
-GSS has new minor release forms.
-GSS will charge a $25 pit license per car. They want a list of crew members on this pit license.
-GSS pit slabs may be reserved now on a first come, first served basis.
-Tires will be ordered the first week of April.
-GSS to allow practice starting next week for all cars with license or $20/hr.
Marshfield Motor Speedway:

-Schedule is set, including 16 races for CWSSA.
-MMS will move start times to earlier in the evening.
State Park Speedway:

-CWSSA is scheduled to race at SPS Thursday night, June 24th.
-Possible CWSSA race date on September 9th.
-SPS will not have heat races.
-SPS is improving pit area, parking, and lighting.

Point Fund:

-Marathon Travel was contacted regarding the purchase of a cruise package for CWSSA to raffle off. They suggested buying a “Travel Gift Certificate”.
-Raffle license will cost $25, and is good for one year, there are rules to follow, including reporting a list of winners.
-President contacted several taverns who are willing to let CWSSA throw a fundraising party at their establishments.
-New idea brought up to raffle off a remote car starter.
-Digicopy is willing to print posters as few as 100 at a time for raffle promotion.
 -Fundraising expenses for Point Fund need to be limited to about $1000.
-Fundraising ideas include raffling off remote car starter, wide screen TV, Wii system, I-pods, guns.
-Need to get a raffle license.
-More discussion about posters.
-Board members agreed to meet on Tuesday April 6th to finalize point fund ideas.


-Approved shock absorber list was handed out, also posted on CWSSA website. If there are other shocks that you feel should be on the list, contact Greg Back.

-Need 2 or 3 cars to go to Mid State Tech in Wisc Rapids to the mechanics classes to show students what the cars are like. This will be during the last 2 weeks of April. More people can go without a car to answer questions. Tracks are willing to give away some free admission tickets to students.

Board will decide if April CWSSA meeting is necessary, will post on website and e-mail members if there is a meeting.
MMS pit pass- Jeff Vizer
Beer- Greg Back
Soda- Mike Gwidt
Soda- George Brandl
Motion to adjourn meeting at 8:00 pm by Matt Pyburn, seconded by Matt Raykowski.

This article was posted to the website on April 2, 2010.
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